What Parents Need to Know About Lice

No parent is happy when they learn that their child has or may have been exposed to lice. If you’ve never had a first-hand account with your child having lice, here’s what you need to know about how lice spreads, common myths and treatment options:

Catching Lice

When kids are in close proximity to each other in places such as school or camp, the chance of getting lice greatly increases. Playing together or sharing clothes and hygiene utensils such as hairbrushes, clothing or sports apparel can all be common culprits of how kids catch lice. Your child can even get lice by something as simple as hanging their coat on a coat rack at school or taking a selfie with their friends. It’s important to know the difference between the facts and myths when it comes to spreading and treating lice to make informed treatment decisions.

Common Myths

There are many misconceptions about lice. While lice aren’t dangerous, they are incredibly contagious. Common myths about lice include that lice can be transmitted from pets or caused by a lack of cleanliness or even the length of your child’s hair or that lice can jump or fly. None of these are true.

Lice Treatments

If you suspect that your child has lice, visit one of our convenient lice treatment clinics locations in Manhattan and Connecticut as soon as possible – we do house calls too. If your child is found to have lice, especially for the first time, it’s important to understand your treatment options. Many parents think that using lice shampoo is the only way to treat lice. This is another common myth. The lice (now Super Lice) have become resistant to the active ingredients in traditional lice shampoos that can be purchased in stores or on Amazon.

Licenders makes it as easy as possible to get treated for lice. Our one-time treatments are the most effective in eliminating lice in a single treatment and we use pesticide-free products. With our lice removal treatment, there’s no need for dousing your child in a chemical-laden shampoo and then painstakingly combing for hours and days. Plus, our technicians are not only experts at treating lice, but are also experts at keeping your child calm during our painless treatment. We are a certified vendor with the New York Department of Education and trusted by thousands of parents, so you can be sure your child will also be in good hands.

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