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‘Super lice’ that’s more resistant to over-the-counter medications hits NY, NJ

‘Super lice’ that’s more resistant to over-the-counter medications hits NY, NJ

A new school year is just around the corner. Time for new books, new friends … and a new form of lice?

Scientists released new findings this week that showed lice in at least 25 states are resistant to common treatments. This includes New York and New Jersey.

“That’s disgusting!” is a common sentiment among parents. Including Kerri Levine of Manhattan. She is also a 4th grade teacher and even when parents and schools try their best to prevent it she said that “it happens.”

Scientist Kyong Yoon presented the research at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. She said gene mutations are responsible for the super bug. And this breed of lice is resistant to most over-the-counter treatments that have the insecticide permethrin in it.

According to Lenox Hills Hospital attending physician Doris Day, “Bugs of all types become resistant to the treatments we have.”

But Dr. Day said, “We do have effective prescription strength products that can help.”

The nit pickers at Licenders on the Upper East Side have seen this super lice for awhile. They just didn’t realize it. They use all natural products and carefully remove all nits and lice from clients’ hair.

According to Licenders’ director of operations Barbara Gedeon, “We’ve had clients coming in for a couple of years now, coming to say ‘Listen, I’ve used these over-the-counter products and nothing is helping. My child still has this problem.'”

Not all lice has the gene mutations so Dr. Day recommended trying drug store products before seeking prescription insecticide.

It’s also recommended to wash all clothes and bed linens in hot water and vacuum well.