Summer is just around the corner, and so is summer camp. Where there’s summer camp, there are kids. Where there are kids, there is the possibility for a lice outbreak, especially in the warm months.

While at camp, kids are in closer contact with each other than they normally would be at school due to sleeping in close quarters. To make it even worse, your children can be turned away from camp if they show up on check-in day with lice, which can be disappointing and embarrassing. In fact, research shows that more than 30 percent of 500 summer camps have ‘no nit policies’ that turn away children even if the presence of lice eggs are detected, which doesn’t necessarily indicate that lice is completely present.

Not only is being turned away from camp a burden for kids, but camp leaders as well. On average, 60 percent of camp staff reported that lice is a huge problem for both children and their families. If you are a camp administrator, Licenders offers the Keep Lice Out of Camp (K.L.O.O.C) initiative for anyone who wants to take precautions to prevent a lice problem before it begins.

Through K.L.O.C.C., Licenders has been able to account for 75 percent less lice outbreaks at camps. The best part of the program is that if the kids are located near one of the Licenders salons in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey or Long Island, they can come and get a lice screening for free up to five days before camp begins. Licenders will provide camps with a note confirming that children have been screened and cleared for lice, making the check-in process easier and for the fun to begin!

If we do find that your child has lice, our team of Licenders’ clinicians can help. We use AirAllé, an FDA-cleared medical device that kills lice and their eggs without the use of chemicals in just one treatment. Not only are the Licenders treatments safer than traditional at-home methods like suffocation products and lice combs, but they are also more effective.

For camps, joining KLOOC for $100 gives the option to hire Licenders for half price to come to your camp and screen staff and campers. A lice outbreak can cost a summer camp thousands of dollars, so the investment is worth it to tackle a lice problem before it happens.

Don’t let head lice ruin summer camp. Contact us to schedule an appointment or call 888-984-3042 to have your kids checked before they head to camp or make arrangements for Licenders’ clinicians to keep your summer camp focused on fun instead of a potential PR problem.

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