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Lice At Summer Camp – What NYC & Fairfield County, CT Parents Need to Know

Lice At Summer Camp – What NYC & Fairfield County, CT Parents Need to Know

After a long school year with all of its ups and downs, your family is finally getting ready for a break. Summer marks the end of books and homework, but unfortunately, it doesn’t mark the end of head lice. Lice incidences at summer camp have increased year after year due to “Super Lice”. These “Super Bugs” are resistant to the traditional over-the-counter products, so children and parents are unaware they still have an active case of lice.  We want to avoid these bugs from ruining your child’s camp experience and your summer.

Every year, some of the most frequent calls to the American Camp Association Camp Crisis Hotline are from camps that have found lice on a camper. If your child has lice at summer camp, they may be treated at camp or you’ll have to bring them home, get them treated, and, if possible, return them to camp before the end of their camp session. It’s embarrassing for kids and inconvenient for you, especially if your child is at a sleepaway camp,

So, here are a few things you should know that will help prevent head lice at camp from ruining your summer:

Get A Pre-camp Lice Screening

Make an appointment for a pre-camp lice screening at a professional lice removal clinic in your area. Licenders services NYC and Fairfield, County, CT with same day appointments available, 7 days/week. The screening should be scheduled within 24-72  hours of your child’s first day of camp. If your child is lice-free, they may not have to be screened when they get to camp with a clear lice screening letter from a professional lice service.

Note: Some camps require pre-screening either onsite or prior to arrival.

Lice Removal Treatment (If Necessary)

If a professional lice clinician does detect lice on your child, do not try to get rid of them yourself! Years ago, over-the-counter lice products were pretty effective. But, today’s “super lice” are resistant to their active ingredients, which are pesticides called pyrethroids. In fact, 98% of head lice  in the United States are totally immune. The tri-state area is included in the list that are impacted by these “super lice”. Plus, pyrethroids have been linked to behavioral and developmental problems in children. So, it’s best to avoid them.

Today, most professional lice removal clinics use gentle, non-toxic lice removal methods that effectively get rid of head lice. Licenders uses a revolutionary heated-air technology to eliminate head lice at our clinics in NYC and Connecticut.  This device completely dehydrates lice and their eggs (nits) in one quick treatment. We do not use pesticides on your child!

Purchase Lice Prevention Products

Although your child may be lice-free when they leave for camp, they will encounter kids or counselors there who aren’t. We recommend you pack non-toxic lice prevention products in your child’s duffel or trunk and make them promise to use them to prevent getting lice at summer camp.

The best of these products are usually found at professional lice removal clinics because trained lice clinicians know what works and what’s safe. At Licenders, we formulate our own lice repellent spray (easy to use at camp) and lice prevention shampoo.

Get A Post-Camp Lice Screening

Most schools these days require a “clean bill of health” before your child can start school. But that doesn’t always include a lice screening. Take your child to a professional lice removal clinic in your area for a screening as soon as they get home from camp and certainly before school starts.

To sum it all up, lice at summer camp is a real problem, but you can avoid embarrassment and inconvenience by getting your child screened for lice within 24-72 hours before the first day of camp, pack non-toxic lice prevention products (or use them at home if your child goes to day camp), and make sure they get screened before school starts.

Here’s to a lice-free summer for your family!

If you live in the NYC or Fairfield County, CT area, you can schedule your pre-camp lice screening by calling The Lice Hotline at (888) 986-0978.

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