Summer is an exciting time for middle and high schoolers, especially if they participate in band or a sport that allows them to go to an overnight camp. But just like at camps for younger children, lice outbreaks happen. Kids traveling on buses, sharing equipment and sleeping in close quarters increase the chances of spreading lice if an outbreak occurs. While precautions to stop a lice problem before it happens aren’t full proof, here are some tips on how to prepare your children for band or sports camp and keep them lice free.

Get a lice screening before camp

Before your child heads off to sports or band camp, you should have him or her checked for lice. Licenders can check your child at one of our six salon locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Connecticut and Long Island, or we can come to your home using our house call services. Appointments are available in the Tri-state area seven days per week to ensure that we have time to check your kids before they leave for camp.

Avoid sharing sports clothing and equipment

One of the most common ways that lice are spread at sports camps is through the sharing of clothing and equipment. Hats, helmets, uniforms, and jerseys should never be shared with other team members in order to avoid a lice outbreak. If a child at camp does find out he or she has lice, all clothing and jerseys should be washed, and helmets and hats should be thoroughly examined to find the source for lice and stop it from spreading.

Inform instructors on prevention tips

The American Camp Association reports that one of its most common questions to its Camp Crisis Hotline is connected to lice. Parents should ask the band or sports staffers and instructors questions about the specific camp’s lice control policy, as most camps have one in place. Find out what steps they take in order to prevent a lice outbreak and what they do if one occurs.

If you find that your child’s sports or band camp doesn’t have a lice policy, you can recommend Licender’s Keeping Lice Out of Camp (K.L.O.O.C.) program, which provides services at our salons before kids leave for camp or on-site lice inspection services at camp locations. Our K.L.O.O.C. team of trained clinicians works with camps in order to prevent lice outbreaks before they happen.

For more tips about lice prevention at sports or band camp, information about our K.L.O.O.C. program or to schedule an appointment, send us a message or call 888-984-3042.

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