Licenders Lice Removal Treatment

Licenders, in partnership with Lice Clinics of America, is the only New York City lice removal company approved to use the amazing AirAllé® lice removal device.

What Is AirAllé ®?

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AirAllé® (pronounced air-a-lay) is an FDA-cleared medical device that treats lice in a single treatment using warm air.
How we stop lice dead in their tracks – in one treatment!

How it Works

The AirAllé® device virtually dries out lice and their nits (eggs) in a process that takes only 30 minutes. The technique is the fastest, safest and most comfortable way to get rid of lice for your entire family.

Lice-Free In One Treatment

Licenders has a professional staff of over 40 certified clinicians who are expert diagnosticians and are highly trained in the use of the AirAllé® device.

Lice Removal Treatment Near Me - Licenders

Our clinician uses the AirAllé® device to virtually dry out lice and nits with warm air.

Lice Removal Service Near Me - Licenders

Then the hair is thoroughly combed to remove the dead nits.

That’s it! Your child goes back to school (often the same day)
and you get your life back!

How To Book A Treatment

Treatment at Our Salons
Licenders’ Signature AirAllé® Treatment is available at each of our 6 kid-friendly salons, which are open 7 days a week for your convenience. Book an appointment for a screening or treatment here.

View Walk-In Lice Screening hours here.

Treatment in Your Home
Call 888-984-3042 click to call link and a clinician will be dispatched to your home within one hour of your call. Your family will receive the same professional lice removal treatment that we offer in our salons. Our clinicians are thoroughly background checked and insured.

Get Your Life Back