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Licenders Lice Insurance Plan

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Reduce Stress & Save Money

With Licenders’ Lice Insurance Plan
The Next Outbreak Won’t Take Over Your Life.  

The Perfect Plan For Busy Parents

If your child is enrolled in school, goes to summer camp, is involved in sports, dance, theater…

or any activity that puts them in close contact with other kids, there’s a good chance you’ll have more than one lice emergency this year.

The Licenders Lice Insurance Plan keeps your family lice-free and your costs down!

Here’s How It Works

For only $10/month per family member you get…

  • Unlimited Free Lice Screenings
  • Up to 4 Free Lice Removal Treatments per year
  • 20% off lice prevention products

And did we mention peace of mind?

Five young friends

Finally You Can Stop Being Paranoid About Lice!

According to the CDC approximately 12-million lice infestations occur in American children aged 3-11 each year. 

The actual number is likely much higher because younger and older children get lice, too.

And most families experience more than one outbreak. What parent wouldn’t be paranoid?

Enroll in the Licenders Lice Insurance Plan and you can stop being paranoid.

Because now your family can be screened as often as needed – without worrying about cost.

Don’t let the next lice outbreak take over your life

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