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Lice Info for Schools

How To Prevent A Lice Infestation

School settings are the perfect environment for head lice to transfer from child to child. We know how disruptive a head lice infestation at school can be.

But by early detection, you can easily reduce the chances that an infestation will occur at your school. When screenings are performed after major vacation breaks and at various times during the year, infestations can be rare.

Licenders’ Lice Screenings for Your School

We are proud to be the most chosen school lice screening service in New York and Connecticut. And, we are the only service approved by the NYC Department of Education!

We have over 40 clinicians on staff and when they arrive, they are dressed professionally, and bring our own high-magnification lamps. Every one of our clinicians is highly trained, background checked, insured, courteous and patient.

To make it easier for you, we will provide one clinician for every 100 children enabling each classroom to be checked within minutes. A Licenders liaison always accompanies the clinicians to keep the work flowing smoothly.

How To Quickly Schedule Your School Lice Screening​

Call our office and tell us how many children are affected. We’ll get you scheduled within 24 hours.

​Call 888-984-3042

NYC Public Schools – The DOE Pays For Lice Screening!

Licenders is the only lice treatment company approved as an official vendor by the NYC Department of Education. Here’s how to book your screening:
  1. Call our office at 888-984-3042
  2. Tell us how many children are affected and we will get you scheduled within 24 hours.
  3. Submit a purchase order to the DOE using vendor number: #LIC975846


By taking a few preventative measures, you can reduce the spread of head lice in your school. Here’s how:

  • Assign individual cubbies to store hats and scarves separately.
  • Install wall hooks to store coats.
  • Clean audio headsets and helmets with a damp cloth after each use.
  • Frequently vacuum carpeted or upholstered areas.
  • Wipe down mats with a damp cloth.
  • Bus drivers should wipe down seats with a damp cloth and vacuum upholstered seats.

Licenders is committed to reducing lice infestations in our local schools. Question? Please feel free to call us at 888-335-0201 or email Adie Horowitz, President at

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