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Lice Info for Parents

We Agree! Lice Are…Gross!

It’s horrifying to find lice on your child (or yourself). The first thing you ask yourself is, “Where did the lice come from?” The second thing you ask is, “How can I get rid of them fast?”

What are lice?

Head lice, medically known as Pediculosis capitis, are parasitic insects that live on the human scalp. They develop in three stages: nit, nymph, and adult louse. Nits are oval-shaped lice eggs, brown or gray in color, which cement to the hair shaft. Head lice feed on human blood, which results in severe itching.

How Children Get Lice

Contrary to what you might suspect, lice are not attracted to dirty hair. In fact, nothing makes a louse happier than nice, clean hair.

Lice do not jump, hop, or fly – the only way they move is crawling. They are transported on belongings such as combs, brushes, towels, beds, couches, pillows, carpet, stuffed animals, hats, coats, sports helmets, and clothing. Also, when they play together in very close surroundings, lice can often move from child to child. Even taking a selfie gives a louse a perfect opportunity to travel!


  • Itching is usually the first sign that lice may be present. It is also the most common lice symptom.
  • Sometimes small red sores will form on the scalp from vigorous scratching after being bitten by the louse.
  • Your child may say he feels like someone is “tickling him on his hair.”

It is quite common for parents to spend hours treating head lice without solving the problem. At Licenders we are experts in lice and our method gets rid of lice and their nits in one treatment.

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