Day camp in the summer is a fun and exciting time for kids and counselors, but a lice outbreak could quickly change that. While it’s common for kids to get lice at overnight camp due to the close sleeping quarters, a lice infestation can happen just as easily at day camp. If you are a camp administrator who wants to keep lice from ruining your day camp, Licenders can help. Here’s how:

Conducting Routine Screenings

Licenders recommends getting lice screenings before, during and after day camp to prevent a lice outbreak before it happens. Our Keep Lice Out of Camp (K.L.O.O.C) initiative brings a team of our experienced clinicians to your day camp located near one of the Licenders salons in New York or Connecticut to conduct lice screening at the beginning or during camp to ensure that none of the campers have lice. Plus, day camps who sign up with Licenders receive a 30 percent discount on our screening services.

Adhering to Camp Policies

With 60% of camp staff reporting that lice is a huge problem for counselors, children and their families, many day camps have “no nit” policies in place. These policies state that kids could be turned away or sent home from day camp with the slightest presence of lice nits. Routine lice screenings from Licenders before, during and after camp can prevent the inconvenience and embarrassment that can happen if a child is found to have nits.

Ensuring Safety at Day Camp

Many parents are concerned about their child’s health when sending their kids to day camp, which includes keeping them lice free. Since parents are trusting camp administrators to keep their kids safe, it’s the camp’s responsibility to take necessary precautions to prevent lice from spreading. By providing lice screenings before, during and after camp, you are assuring parents that you are doing everything you can do so that their children stay healthy at day camp, keeping them excited to return next year.


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