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Licenders is different!

We Get It.

When lice strike, life stops. You want to be rid of them – fast!
That’s where Licenders comes in. Most lice removal treatments involve combing, and sometimes, pesticides and dangerous chemicals. But combing is not enough to remove all the disgusting bugs and their nits (eggs) – that’s why they come back.

Licenders Is Different

Licenders is not just a combing service! We get rid of all the lice and their eggs too, effectively ending the “Lice Life Cycle” GUARANTEED, in one treatment! Your child returns to school the same day. Only all natural products are used, no guilt! Free follow up visit to make sure you didn’t catch lice again when your child returns to school

The Licenders method is fast, safe, and effective. That’s why we have 100’s of 5-star reviews and are the #1 choice of schools, too.

Licenders Is Just Better

  • Professional – You get the correct diagnosis
  • Fast – Lice and their nits dead in one treatment
  • Safe – No dangerous chemicals are ever used
  • Comfortable – Our process is gentle and painless

And, because we know you need your life to get back to normal as fast as possible…

Licenders Is Fast!

We know you have other options for lice treatment, including do-it-yourself. Only Licenders promises to quickly, safely, and professionally get rid of lice and nits in one non-toxic treatment. Try us first!