7 Problems Parents Face When Kids Go Back to School

Once the dog days of summer come to a close and it’s time for the kids to go back to school, the schedule changes and getting back into a routine can be challenging for busy parents. But don’t worry – you aren’t alone. Here are some of the most common problems that parents face once the school year begins:

Getting the kids out of bed

No matter how many mantras like “the early bird gets the worm” you tell your kids, there are still mornings where they just don’t want to get out of bed, especially if they’ve been out of school all summer. Try using a bullhorn to sound the alarm. Your kids will jump out of bed, and it’ll give you a nice chuckle to start your day.

Finding their shoes

Much like the washing machine always seems to eat socks, why does it seem like your kid’s shoes were swallowed somewhere in the house? It’s never the towels or their clothes – just their shoes. Be sure to check the toy box or the PlayStation area. These items have a secret, heat-seeking beacon built in for shoes.

Doing homework

If you’ve spent all night arguing with the kids about homework or just gave up trying to help them with new math, go with the classic the dog ate the homework excuse. The teacher doesn’t need to know you don’t have a dog.

Not making the cupcakes

Every parent experiences the dreaded “Mom or Dad, I needed cupcakes for school today” comment as you are walking out the door, and the kids swear they told you last week. Luckily Sprinkles is right around the corner. Grab a plate from home and transfer from the official container. And don’t forget to smudge an icing or two to give it that homemade look.

Locating that permission slip (that you know you signed)

Maybe the kids did forget to tell you about the cupcakes, but remember that permission slip that you signed for a field trip? Where did it go? Don’t worry. You left it in the last place you thought to look. It’s a strategy that works every time.

Catching a cab

Getting the kids off the school and still getting yourself to work on time is one of the biggest struggles for a parent. The second is catching a cab when you need one and are already late. Bring the morning bullhorn with you and distract the person getting into the cab in front of you, then dash in ahead of them. Sure, the honk and dash isn’t nice, but when it comes to getting everyone where they need to be on time, it’s the Wild West.

Your child comes home with lice

While making light of daily parent issues like getting the kids off to school is fun, dealing with lice is no laughing matter. If you do find that your child has lice or if there’s a suspected outbreak at school, schedule an appointment at one of our convenient treatment centers in NYC and Fairfield County, CT to get your child screened or treated for lice in just one session so they can get back to school and you can go back to work that same day. Contact us at 888-984-3042 to schedule an appointment or book now!