5 Myths About Lice-Busted

Lice can be a big nuisance, and the word ‘lice’ alone is enough to make anyone cringe. While getting lice is common, there are many misconceptions about what lice are, how you can become infested, and how to prevent and treat lice. Here are a few common myths about lice debunked:

1. Lice are dangerous

Lice are creepy critters and a pain to get rid of, but they are not dangerous. Even though lice have a reputation for carrying and spreading diseases, lice are not a major health risk to people who get them.

2. Pets can transmit lice

Certain types of insects like ticks can be passed on from pets to humans, but not lice. There is a certain type of lice that affects pets, but the species of lice that infest humans is not the same.

3. The length of your hair determines your chances for getting lice

When it comes to lice, they don’t discriminate based on the length of someone’s hair. Lice attach to the hair strand, therefore anyone with any length of hair (even extremely short hair) has the same chances of getting lice if they come into contact with someone who is already infested.

4. Lice are acquired by lack of cleanliness

While many people associate lice with poor hygiene, this is not the case. Anyone can get lice from contact with someone who already has it, and washing your hair will not get rid of lice. Lice do not discriminate based on cleanliness.  

5. At-home treatments are safe and effective

While it may seem easier to use at-home remedies or over-the-counter products to treat lice instead of seeking a professional lice treatment, these types of treatments are no longer safe or effective, leaving a higher chance for lice to return. Super Lice are now resistant to the head lice products available on Amazon and the store shelves. It’s best to seek professional treatment and delousing of your home in order to get rid of all the lice. 

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